Audit & Assurance

We are committed to providing audit and assurance services aimed at helping our clients better understand and grow their business while mitigating risks.

Risk Management

Using comprehensive risk management methods, we help our clients control threats to their business by identifying risks and providing the necessary support to mitigate these threats.

Information Security

Information security is essential to every business. Our team of experts help secure and manage both physical and electronic data  to reduce cyber attacks and breach into a company's internal systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Our compliance team is dedicated to helping our clients understand and operate by the laws governing information security and privacy.


Mola Group Consulting provides Innovative Staffing and Solutions for top job seekers and fortune 500 Clients.

Governance of Enterprise IT

Governance of Enterprise IT is focused on managing performance and creating value for all stakeholders in an organization.

Managed Services

We provide manged services to our clients based on their need.